Montana? Really?

When I found out we’d be moving to Montana I freaked.  I'd been to the “treasure” state all of one time, 20 years ago.  I didn’t even know it was called the treasure state until our first trip here.   If I’m being honest all I did know is that Montana is big and I had … Continue reading Montana? Really?


Nora “Making Friends”

Many of you will remember the infamous “Montana, Bozeman” video Nora made upon finding out we were moving. In case you missed it… Nora "Making Friends Part I" For our first outdoor Montana adventure, we headed out to Missouri Headwaters State Park located just 30 miles outside of Bozeman.  Within the boundaries of this scenic park … Continue reading Nora “Making Friends”


Eric and I have talked about writing a blog several times before.  I don’t speak for Eric, but one of the things that have stopped me in the past was feeling like I didn't have anything to add to the conversation.  I mean millions of pastors, and millions of moms, write blogs.  That, and not wanting to open … Continue reading Unbecoming

About Eric…

I am....a spouse and partner to Amy. We've been married since 2004 and the road has been one of moving towards more forgiveness, love, connection, and always working on being healthy with our emotions and relationship. I  believe healthy couples with healthy patterns make for healthy families. I am...a parent to a funny, witty, strong, … Continue reading About Eric…